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IDSS [options]

          A blank line should be left at the end of the questionnaire

          Formatting options of the correspondence table
          [-N][-S][-F] [{-L,-Q,-Z}][-t][-tp chemin][-v]

          Basic formatting options
          [-$ separator][-d decimal separator]
          [-P [rank of first processed line]  [rank of last line processed]]
           [-I [rank of first processed variable]  [rank of last processed variable]]
           Ranks start at 0
           [-Te database filepath to be imported][-Ts Name of imported SAS database]
           [-T filepath to .sas DATA step][-To options of .sas DATA step]

          Questionnaire formatting options
          [-n [color0]] [-l [color1]] [-c [color2]] [-q [color3] [color4]]

          Input-Output Options
          [{-i file, -ir folder}] [{-o file or folder, -r, -a (no reformatting)}]
          [-j  (start offset)]
          [-J (log path)]

          Processing options of questionnaire variables
          [-A] [-U] [-H] [-M] [-X][-O][ -fo][-fb [questionnaire base]]

          Conversion options of flat files to database with separators
          [-e flat database] [-s database with separators]

          Running options

          [-p] [-W]

          Advanced HTML options

          [-K1 number] [-K2 style] [-K3 size] [-K4 size] [-K5 style] [-K6 style]


             -N     Table column: number of items
             -S      Table column: sum of items
             -F      Table column: variable format
             -L      Table lines: questionnaire lines
             -Q     Table lines: questionnaire questions
             -Z      Table lines: questionnaire variables
             -t        Make correspondence tables
             -tp      Path to correspondence tables folder:
             -v       Display log on screen

             -B      Flat database will be processed
             -$      Use following separator (character) as filed separator in output database
             -d      Replace English locale decimal separator '.' by following separator
              -I       Extraction from flat database starting variable #:
                       Extraction from flat database up to variable #:
             -P      Lines processed from number #
                       Lines processed up to number #
              -Te    Path of flat database to be imported with SAS
              -To    Options of the .sas DATA step program
              -Ts    Name of the SAS database (library.member)
              -T      Path to .sas DATA step program

             -c      Comments (// variable label informat modification)
                      will be inserted in reformatted questionnaires.
                      Color col2
             -n      Item count numbers will be inserted, color col0
             -l       Line count numbers will be inserted, color col1
             -q      Color of question numbers (col3) followed by color of question text (col4)
                      Default colors will be selected for -q (col3) (col4)

             -i       Input file
             -o      Output file
             -r      Input questionnaire file will be reformatted
             -a      Do not reformat questionnaires, just analyse
             -j      questionnaire processing will start at following input file offset (hexadecimal)
             -J      Make log (in log path directory otherwise in current directory)

             -A     Automatic informats and variable names
             -U     Automatic labels (delimited by curly braces in questionnaire)
             -H     Circumvents variable names, labels and informats
                      (not modifications)
             -M     Modifications of informats will be inserted on comment lines
             -X      Conversion of C formats into SAS informats
                         is only used for creating a .sas DATA step import program
                         ignored if switch -A is used. Modifications are ignored
             -O      One and only one variable per questionnaire question
             -f        Retrieves values of checkboxes and table cells
             -fo      Option -f combined with output of values in
                        correspondence table
             -fb     Automatic processing of flat database, path as argument

             -e      Input path of flat database
             -s      Output path of database with separators
             -z      Replace missing values by 0 in output database

             -p      No final pause
             -W     No onscreen display and no final pause

             -K1    font weight of comments (default 700)
             -K2    font style of line counts (default italic)
             -K3    font size of line counts (default 8)
             -K4    font size of comments (default 12)
             -K5    HTML style of questions: span or b or i (default b)
             -K6    HTML style of question numbers: span or b or i (default b)

Arguments between square brackets are optional.
Arguments between curly braces are in complementary distribution.

Possible colors:

 rgb(x%, y%, z%),
 black, navy, green, teal,  maroon, purple,  olive,  silver,
 gray, blue, lime, aqua, red, orange, yellow, white

Compiling options:


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