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1. Input

In Recursive Mode (R-Mode), the database is built from field values parsed on questionnaires filled in by people surveyed.
Diacritic characters are not available to read closed questions in R-Mode. They should be replaced with checkboxes.

2. Output


Questionnaires must be gathered in a single directory, which will be parsed recursively.
The input directory is indicated by-ir (path to input directory)
Once questionnaires have been formatted, the output is stored in the output directory with option -o path to output directory.
An explicit path should be indicated in this case. Filenames in the output directory follow the naming convention indicated below:


Correspondence Tables

A correspondence table is generated for each questionnaire by option -t (and/or -tp).
Tables are numbered according to the following naming convention:


for the Nth questionnaire read in the input directory.

Field values can be added to the correspondence table, as in example 8, with option -fo


R-Mode creates a flat database ending in a blank line. Path to database is argument to option -fb
This base can be converted into a separated database on the same command line with options -B -e -s as in simple mode.
A coherence test is done to check that the path to the input database (argument of -e) is identical to the path of the flat file (argument of -fb).

All the command-line flags mentioned on this page are optional, except for -ir, which is necessary to trigger R-Mode.